The vision for Hosts4Community

Founder: Mark Kombrink

Living and working on Hilton Head Island, I spent the last roughly ten years in the hospitality industry serving homeowners and guests alike. While in the community, walking the trails and beach for leisure, I was confounded by the amount of garbage I saw littering our beautiful low country.

Being a man of action, I equipped myself with the tools necessary to walk these trails and beaches while picking up others carelessly discarded trash. In doing so, I was showing others that someone must clean up after them, hoping they would think twice about the items they toss and leave behind. The other benefit was a cleaner community.

Once others, including vacation rental homeowners expressed an interest in furthering this cause as well as getting involved, both personally and financially, PUG Global, Inc. was formed. PUG stands for Picks Up Garbage. I spent time fostering and feeding this effort eventually realizing that the scope of this registered 501(c)3 was limited and I needed a broader effort.

Hosts4Community was born in November 2021. H4C, also a registered 501(c)3, seeks to be the liaison between vacation rental homeowners, businesses, and the community as a whole. I feel strongly that we all benefit from a clean, beautiful, replenished community. The vacation rental community realizes many people contribute to the success of the rental properties and we want to give back to that community. Whether it be the servers in the restaurants, landscapers pruning and keeping our paths clear, our housekeepers, and the list goes on.

The opportunities to give are all around. That is where we come in. H4C will seek donations from homeowners and distribute those funds into the community through donations, grants and scholarships to further our mission. H4C will also provide a solution for vacation rental business owners to get involved in giving without having to develop their own plan.

I have a far-reaching vision for this organization all local vacation rental businesses, their homeowners, and our guests in creating a more vibrant, colorful, clean and satisfying environment. I see this continuing to the largest national vacation rental businesses, all the way to Vrbo and Airbnb and the like. I have a servant’s heart and believe that the skills with which I have been blessed have been developed for this very moment in time. I see needs around all corners, and I see solutions. I am excited to bridge that gap.

I will continue to serve as founder my vacation rental management business as my passion is to provide the best service solutions for my homeowner partners as well as providing guests with the best platform to make the most of their time on our beautiful island.

H4C has identified the best person for running the day-to-day operations and expansion. Jill Moore is a Master Naturalist whose passion for the environment is at the forefront of her decision making and livelihood. Jill has the organizational background, compassion of a prior Special Needs Coordinator in the education field and the knowledge of how to process grants, partnering with many social and environmental causes.